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& the twoojudges who are definitely cominn back tt the judgee table next season n american idol... tomorrow n fox45 mmrning newss3&pnow on ffx45 early edition... -3 edition... ,3 firrworkssnats to absolute chaos downttww. downtown.ambuuance nats natswhere violence brokeeout &pon ameeica's birthday.. ow many were injjred..and whatt police did to try and prrvent it. it.ttying to quit smoking.the quitting aide.. thattcould you.ready go! go!aanational hot dog eating conteet.. and a lcal one.the food the winner said he still -3 had roommfor... after eatinn all these hot dogs. &
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3 today is tuesday , july th. 3
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3 3 map harffrd map
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3 p -3 3 3 a child shot... maa stabbed to deathh..a brawl and a hit and run.itt ll happened within minutes .. and blockk.. of thh bbg 4th of july fireworks shhw - at the iiner harbor. &p3----fireworks----- ----fireworrs----- 3 thoosands gathered at the -3 inner harbor to celebbate..
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and then .. it turred violent ann faac.. so many people were there.. that it took eeergency crews up to a half hour to get the ictims to he hospital. 3 look at this can see how cllse togethee all the violence is.a four year old child.. ssot on ight and pratt streets...a man stabbbe on pper five...a brawl erupts near powwr plant live.. and reports of a child invooved in a hit and run on saratoga 3 && joel d. smith is live at the iiner harbor now with the very latest... and what police did to try and prevent this from happening.. good mmrning joel d.. good ooning megan, deeppte hundrrds of offfcers, mmnn offthem undercover, with the crowds, this was a violent ight..... ii he mosttvisible part of town. hat 4 year old &ppoo, leaving the fireworks wwth is parrnts,, was shot right herr. police werr on &pthe sceee quickly, but do not -
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have anyone ii ustody. you see thee here gathering evidence less than an hour after he firewooks ended. police say there was a loud sound, and the boy ssarttd crying....that's wwen the paaents noticeddhe had been &pshot n the lower body. he was taken o johns hopkins childrens center and is 3&ppolice saa that shooting ay have been acciientall but that was not the case with the connrontation outsiie mccormmck and schmicks restaarant also around 10 pm. ttoogroupp came -3 togetherr it escalated into violence and ended wiih a man peing stabbed in the neck. a huge challenge withhboth of these incidents waasgetting the samee ime tens of thousands of people were allo -33 leavinn the fireworks display. -3 3 3 ook at the congestion here. police haa streets, aad it still took -3&pclose to a half hour to get theestabbing victimmto the hospial. he latee died. 3&pdespite the city'ssbest efforts and hopes for a safe night... ere as commmssioner daa. 3 frederick h. bealefeld iii p600 i'm sure tens of
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3 abboluuely safe, and they're 3 have a wonddrful xperience. 3 naughty, we're goiig tt eal pith hem in a hurry. 3 police seemmd as prepaaed as possible.staff at watch cceter.. hhndreds of officers,, somm in uniiorm.. gps 33 officers & 3 there was ven an emphasii on the time right fireworks & ended. but even that still wasn't enough this time. -3 live at the inner harbor, joel d. smith fox 45, morniigg & news.. &p
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3 &p3 before that violence sparkee... a man was shot at a - dowwtown pprking ggrage. it hppened around 2 oo'lock mooday mooning... at tte gaaageeon lombard and south calvvrt streets. & police say the man was shot n & the chest.... after aa 3 neighbors. detectives & recovered a weapon.... and took sevvral people into custody.... or questioning. police sy this shootinng wasn'' rrndom... but still for 3 garage... it ii suuprising. & 3 (brewsttr/downtown viiitor) "i -33 mean itts horrible. anytime -& yoo hear somebody getting shot, i mean it's always tragic... cause it's somebody's son or family, peeple are stupid.. uutil they pearn to change their own ways,,i mean, it's always going to happen, you know.""- know.""the victim is &pshock ttauma. 3 meentime, an elderly man is stabbed... in ballimore coonty. it
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happened around 8 o'clock last night... nside a home roads... in arney.animal control was also alledd o tte least 10 cats inside the house..- no word on the victims cooddtion.aa this hour... & therr are no suspects and no 3 3 3 fox45 is helpiig you step up and fight back with a new tool... caaled "spotcrime."you can track criminal activityyin emails when crime to fox baltimmre dot com nd click on spot criie in hot -3 topics at the top of the screen. - 3 state senator catheeine pugh will officially place her naae in the hat fr mayor tddy. she's expected to file with the baltimoreebbard of -3 elections this morning around 11 o lock.after iling, she's expected to make a public speech. 3 history and social mmdia will collide on friday or nasa's & final shuttle launch.a small army of peeple will uss &ptwwtter to document the
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luanch oo space shuttle aalantii at the kennedy pace center in florida.nasa chhse thousanddapppicanttbrent danley , from maine.. a self proolaammd science nerd, wass one of the chosen few. other human eing to the -3& astronauts hat arr in he orbiter, eeen the assronauts' - families in theelaunch contrrl center; it's a very, it'' an there.danley heads to florida today.he's bringing his phonn, digital camera, laptop, ipad and video camera to docummnt - the trip. & aad viccepresident joe bidenn is joiiing thh twitter craze. hhs name on there is áat v-pá &panddhe aaready has moreethhn 65 hundred followers.the vicc presiddnt isn't folllwing anyone yet, not even president obamaahii
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first.. and onll trooos and military families on independence day..--3&p3 some kids in seattle celebrated the july fourth holidayy. as u-s citizens..2 - kids under tte age of 12 ranged in age from nine months to 11 years old.thhy became citizens through their parents or adoption. 3 "he's ettiig his itiienshii and it's a grraa day... and we lookkat this aa the start oo a bright future" fourrof the kkds came fromm -3&pphailand, two from yemen and two frrm india...the others prom canada, ccmbodia, pakistan and taiian. 3 nnts of men scarfinn pown hotdogs. -3's a fourth of july trrdition...nathan's famous hot dog eatinggcontest.take look at thii year's maae
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contestants.. liied uu and ready to ee who an scarf down the most hot thh end, worrd record holder oey "jaws" chestnut walked away - with the win.. after swallowing a whopping 62 hot -3 dogs in 10 minutes. 3& "eat the hot dog ann the bun, everythingg gotta go. cooe on eat!" -33 eat!"go. come on eat!" eatt"back here at home, a contestant in cantonsville shoved own ot dogs as well. this issthe hebrew natiooal hot dog eating contest... -3 during the cantonsville paaade. 3 many hotdogs as they could.we caught p with the big winner ... first time contestann and former "baltimore's est dad"".. steveecorbin. 3 "i feel ecent, might go home, &pget a smaallpizza, i on'tt &pknow, somethingg yoo know a & few beers, i won't get thh 6 and a few wings, e'll see what happens."
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this as the 3rr year forrthe contest. 3 coming up on the eerly edition.... casey anthony's fate now lies in the hands of a jury. -3 jury. because, oh look, they can't find her ii the flooida ddtabase. she is not just from floriia florida hear tte lies cooing straight out of anthonyys mouth .. before the jury deliberated... deeiberattd....,
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3 offthunderstorms did sooe major damageein the nation's pumped heaay rains on the pational mall, causing people - to run for cover.. hhgh wwnds weee strong enough that they tore ttis traffic ight out offthe ground and dumpee it in tte street. outtide the city, homes were destrryed as giant trees coulln'ttsttnd against the driving rain and &pdestructive winds. -3 3 ((2-shot toss to
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3 weather)) p3 ((ad lii
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3 meteorologistt) 3 3((traffic reporter
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3 ad libs)))ap fiebr 3 3 p,
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3 still to come... will 3 casey anthony get the death penalty?her first degree murder case s now on the jury.people don't make "mister anthony ssid he would -3 trade places with hhs daughtee pn aasecond." áheardá before being dismissed... next. & next.and notice less junk maii in your in box latelyythere's a reason for it.why laa enforcement could be involved. 3 p(bump ouu)) 3 ((break 2))
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theefate of a 3 florida mom accused of killing her toddllr now lies in the hands of a jury.jurorr began deliberations monday after prosecuttrs wrapped up their closing rebuttal arggmentt. david maatinnly taaes a look - at the last images jurorsssaw & before the state handed them & the casse case. 3--reporterrpkg-as follows -- "misser nthony aid e would trade laces with hissdauggter -3 inna seccod.""ust inntes
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& before this sad and tragic pase was ut in thh hands of anthony had heard enough.the prosecutton painted her as a party girl whoss child got inn&pthe waa and had to gg. not, as the defense claims, a loving mooter whose littte girl accidentally drowwed ii the paamly pool.""ust no conceivable reason anybody & would put uct tape on tte face of a dead child. i'vee said it beforee peoole don't make accidents look ike - murddr. that's absurd!"in &pclosing arguments, prosecutors used their strongest languagg yet, calling anthonyya &ppathological liar and playingg - this reccoded phone conversation where casey effortlessly lies to a friend about a nannyykidnapping caylle.frienn: "they said that - the person thht you ddopped cayyee with ddesn't even exist."anthony: "because, oh
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look, heeycan'ttfind hhr in -3 the floridaadatabase. she is not just rom floriia. if they would actuaaly listen to anything that i ouud have & said to them, they wwuld have had theirrleads. they maybe could hhve tracked her down. they haven't listened to a fáááááá thiig that i've said." thh final blow-- leaving the jury with these suspicious & images, casey anthony iving it up in the sppolight offa hot ooy contest nd brandishing a ew tattoo declaring "thh beaatiful liff." -3 all in the weeks after her daughter caylee had pisappeared."whose life was & better? that's thh only question you need to answer in anthony was left on the sidee of the road, dead."
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3 casey anthony has pleaded not guiity to seven ccarges, including tte first-degree murder of her toddler.if deeth penaltyy 3 straight aheadd.. 3 tired of those long security llnes at thh airport?how you can avoid them.. and how much it could cost yyu! & you!and ... less spaa is enforrement is behiid it... next. 3 ((bbeak 3)) consumers today havee concern about the chicken they eat. they want to know more about how they were raised what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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3 3 u-s retirement ccounts rise to neer recorddhighs, and - how much wwuld you pay to skip those long airport security -3 lines?staa case has more ii today's business brrif. brief. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- & walllstreet was dark monday in honor of independence day. traders will be ack to wwrk tuesday, anticipatinggthe crrcial monthll employment &report from the government oo 3 squirreling away a near record
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amount of mmney for retiremenn.& the "investtent compaay instiiute" reportss -s than 18--tillion dollarssaa the end of the first quarter of 22-111 ttat's just below the record high reached in tte third quarter off2007. you may have nooicedda little less junkmail in your inbox lately...spammvollme has -3 fallen bout 82-perrent since last year, according to the -3 software commany "symantec." there are nowwabout 40 billion spam emails sent per ddy, & that's down from 225 billionnaa year says a number oo factors caused the drop, including increased surveillance by law enforccment.fliirs alrrady pay forrsnacks and checked ags, and it turns ouu thhy'd also be willing to shelllouu some extrr bucks tt avoid long seccrity lines.a survey y thee u-s travel association finds & 45-perccnt of respondents - would bb eithhr very" or "somewhat" likely to pay s much as 150-dollars a year to unddrgg a background check, security line.not -3 surprisingly, the idea is moot -3 popular with frequenntfliers.
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ffr business brref, i'm stan case.-----end-----cnn.script 3 ooing up... - 3 stronger warnings are wanted for chantix.. drug uued to heel smokers kick the habit. why some ssy .. it does more harm than good. gooo.
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